I’ve learned it’s best not to wash your hair everyday, because it strips your hair of it’s natural oils. Which then causes your hair to produce even more oils than needed. This is why many of us feel the strong urge to wash our hair everyday to keep it “clean”, however, it is not necessary. It is best to be able to wash your hair every few days. Even if you think you’re stuck-in-the-rut of continuously needing to wash your hair every day, that can change. Here is the GOOD NEWS: Anyone can train their hair to produce less oils. You will not feel the need to wash your hair as often, nor will you need to. All it takes is some patience and faith in your hair. Also, maybe some dry shampoo, a hat, or some new hairstyles to help disguise while you’re in the transition process.


  1. Start by keeping track of when you wash your hair & create a schedule for yourself of when to wash your hair. This will help you keep your hair on a even routine. If you have been washing your hair everyday, I recommend switching to washing it every other day. For example, if you wash your hair Sunday night before bed, wear and style as desired on Monday, then use dry shampoo Tuesday morning, and shower Tuesday night. If you prefer to shower in the mornings then your routine would look more like this: Shower Sunday morning and style as desired all day, use dry shampoo Monday morning, and then shower Tuesday morning.
  2. Purchase a Good Dry Shampoo – When I say good, I mean good. The wrong dry shampoo can totally make your hair not so nice, I’ve already been there and done that. Therefore, making sure you buy the right product can change everything. I use and recommend Batiste Dry Shampoo products. I use their medium & brunette tinted dry shampoo. I love it and have repurchased it several times. *link Ulta*
  3. Stay Patient -You may want to give up but don’t, trust me. Just like any habit you want to create, it just takes time. This step may seem easy, but it may be the hardest step of all. 
  4. Try New Hairstyles – While you’re waiting, make the second day process easier by styling your hair with new hairstyles. Whenever I prolong my hair washing an extra day, I like to go for my classic high ponytail or high bun. You can also try wearing baseball hats to mix it up.

I wrote another blog post on what hair products I use and how I keep my hair long, shiny, and smooth – My Secret to Long and Healthy Hair. 

If you’re deciding not to wash your hair everyday now or have been in this process, leave me a comment letting me know. Feel free to ask any questions and I’d love to answer them for you. Also, you can share extra tips you may feel would be helpful for others. Thanks for reading!

xoxo, Jasmine Grace

Photography: Desireé Benton of the DASH Collective


My entire life I have receive many compliements and questions on my hair, especially within this last year they increased like crazy. Therefore, I finally decided to write all about it and the process & products I use.

I will say, I’ve been blessed with a good head of hair (it’s in my genes) but even so, there are a lot of things you can do to treat it and keep your hair happy and healthy. I’ve decide to share all of my tips that I use on my own hair. Also, products that I’ve been loving to help keep my hair strong, silky, and soft everyday!

First things first, I’ve never dyed my hair once. It’s au natural, haha. To help you understand where I’m coming from for taking my tips and the products I recommend into account, my hair is naturally thick, yet fine, and super straight. I just want to let you know that these products and tips may work out great for you but I can’t guarantee that what these products did for my hair will do the same to yours. Just being honest. Just like any recommendation you may receive from a friend it may not work the exact same for you because their opinion is coming from a different head of hair.

For those of you wondering how often I wash my hair, it varies based on the week and what products I’ve put in my hair. Typically, I would say I wash it every 2-3 days on any given week, so practically every other day. For more on Why I Don’t Wash My Hair Everyday & How You Can Too I wrote a blog post all about it that will be posted this Thursday!

If you didn’t notice at first glance in the picture I have quite long hair, and I have had long hair my whole life. Therefore, in order for me to maintain my long length I get my hair cut at a hair salon I trust three times a year. Each time I go, I usually take off 3-4 inches in length. I know that sounds like crazy and a lot of hair getting chopped off, but that’s what I’m used to (and my friends don’t even notice the length change).

Products I Use: Shower

》Pantene Shampoo: Beautiful Lengths

》Herbal Essences Moisturizing Conditioner – Bonus: it smells like a tropical vacation

》Aussie 3 Minute Miracle – This one is a GAME CHANGER. They weren’t kidding by calling it a miracle. This product is key in helping my hair become nice and silky smooth. I notice an instant difference in the texture of my hair right after I rinse it out.

》Unite 7 Seconds – ANY leave-in conditioner works, I’ve also used and recommend It’s a 10 Leave-In Conditioner. I lightly spray this on the bottom half of my hair once I’ve gently dried my hair with a towel.

Products I Use: During the Day (only when needed of course)

》Tresemme Heat Tamer – I typically will use this for when I decide to straighten or curl my hair on any given day that I haven’t just used a leave-in conditioner that already has heat tamer in it (there’s no need to overdue it).

》Batiste Dry Shampoo – the BEST dry shampoo I’ve tried, and I’ve tried a lot. I use this on those days when I don’t take a shower(every other day). I personally purchase the Medium Brown Tinted one so the typical white powder doesn’t show in my scalp since I have darker roots.

Overall, I really hope this helped you out, gave you some tips, and new products that you may want to try out on your hair. I would love to hear from you if you use any of my suggestions or pick up these products.

xoxo, Jasmine Grace

Photography: Desireé Benton of the DASH Collective


“On this perfect day, nothing’s standing in my way”

“I don’t want to be anything other than me”

Inspiration Behind the Daydream: Starting off the new year with new vibes and a fresh start into a special year ahead. Let’s go 2017!

Today’s Playlist:

  • I Don’t Want to Be – Gavin DeGraw
  • Perfect Day – Hoku
  • Trust – Hillsong Young & Free
  • In The Name of Love – Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha
  • Take It All Back – Judah & the Lion
  • Don’t Wanna Know – Maroon 5 & Kandrick Lamar

Whatever you’ve been dreaming of achieving, do it.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope this post from my inspiration series, theDaydream, inspired you in one way or another. This series is meant to give a light inspiration throughout the constant busyness of life. If you want deeper inspiration I encourage you to read my other inspiration series, #FindingYouSeries, for topics on how to be happy, personal growth, and confidence.

xoxo, Jasmine Grace

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None of us understand it or why we do it, wait, maybe we do, but every reason is different. The fear, fear of being vulnerable, and approaching the unknown is scary.

Sometimes all we want to do is curl up in a cozy blanket on a rainy day and play sad love songs because we don’t know how to move forward. We get moody and take our inner anger out on those who are innocent. Dealing with our emotions is a process and takes time. Time that life just has to make space for, because it’s a part of growing up and learning about our self. No one can do it for us. I’ve found that in these confusing times praying to God and relying on Him for all of my needs has significantly helped give me hope again and take me out of my rut. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever really hid my emotions to the point where I know I am purposely faking a life to everyone around me. Although, I have gone through several occurrences of depressing moments when I thought I’d never see the other side. When you call on God He gives you peace like no other and if you let go He takes your confusion and makes it into understanding of His perfect plan for your life. He didn’t create us to confuse us, that is not His doing. God surrounds, comforts, and shows us His love every day. When you feel there is no hope left and begin to say you’re “good” with a brief fake smile, know God is right next to you. Call on His Holy Name and all of life’s problems will become small. The Creator of the universe does not fear our problems, He puts them to rest. He fixes us, wipes our tears, and shows us the sunrise every morning. I encourage you to cast all of your cares on Him. Let Him take your stress and confusion away and set you free.

I hope if you read this you know how much God loves you and He is always here for you. I believe someone who reads this post was meant to find it, I hope you found your answer. John 3:16.

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Have a beautiful day!

xoxo, Jasmine Grace


ENERGIZE, get out, work out, and be out in the world living life! Try new things, say ‘yes’ more often, make new memories, and go on an adventure! Check out my list of 30 activities to do to make your upcoming summer memorable. My mom would always tell me when I was younger “stop watching other people live their lives, live your own life”. Decide to turn off your technology and try something different for a change. Get energized and go outside. Depending on where you live, go for a walk or go sledding in the snow. Mix up your daily routine and add some variety!

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Thanks for reading as always!

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