10 Ways to Stay Focused on God

How do we continue to seek God when the world tries to pull us away from Him?

Today’s post is a collaboration with Hanha from the Transparency Blog and together we are sharing with you our 10 tips of how we continue to pursue God when times get challenging. I believe it is important to surround yourself with good Christian influences to be encouraged in your pursuit of Him. There are also other ways for you to initiate a personal relationship with Him, because ultimately your friends cannot make your faith for you. Make your faith something special, a deep relationship just between you and God. 

5/10 Ways to Stay Focused on God:

1. Find a Solid Devotional Plan that works for you

Once I got stuck on a devotional book that worked well for me I began to look forward to my devo time every night. Currently, I love using the Holy Bible App reading plans on my phone. They have such a variety – name it, any topic you are looking for is there. You can also select a Christian book to help you dive deep into your faith. I have a list of some of my recommend Christian books here for you to discover & read. I believe books are an amazing way to grasp wisdom from others. We can learn from other peoples experiences from things we may not have been able to go through ourselves.

2. Join a Bible Study or Start One Yourself

Get involved with like-minded Christians in a bible study! This one may seem like a simple idea, however if you are not already in one it can feel hard to join a new group or create a group from scratch. Ask around in your home church and see what is available. If you want to start a new group, awesome! I would recommend finding 2-3 friends who are also interested and have them each invite a few more people. Then your group will slowly develop! Next, look for a common meeting place. Maybe it is on your campus or at a friend’s house. Once you’ve done that, simply pick a topic that is relatable to the members in your group; You could select a book in the Bible or a Christian study book for everyone to read. Share with me in the comments if you are starting a group! I’d love to hear how it is going & help you out along the way!

3. Read a Verse a Day

Just like an apple a day keeps the doctor away, a verse a day helps your spirit thrive. When I was back in high school my senior high leader told us to pray everyday to stir up the Holy Spirit in us. We each need to refresh our souls with God’s Words. Words are powerful and hearing our own mouths speak the Word of God is so important. If you don’t know where to start, head on over to Psalms or Proverbs (gotta love Proverb’s message on wisdom).

4. Create a Christian-Fire Playlist

Sing and praise Him in song! Find songs that actually make you excited to sing and dance to. I believe it is not only great to find music that you love but also music that is good for your spirit/soul. The words and messages we listen to (even in the background) fill up our minds with those beliefs slowly, but surely. So you might as well get filled up with positivity and the awe of God. My personal favorite is anything by Hillsong! Comment your favorite artist/band below – I would love to check out your favorite tunes!

Check out my recent Christian playlist here for some inspiration. You can find all of these songs on Spotify too!

5. Surround Yourself with God-loving Friends

Get together with fellow Christian women and dig deep into God’s Word. As I mentioned before, a Bible study is a excellent way to do this! My roommate and I have deep random, late-night conversations about God and the Bible that push and challenge our faith. These conversations are intriguing and as my roommate says, “captivating and just WOW”. Haha, but seriously we get fascinated though learning more and more about God from discussing with each other! Find those close friendships that you can both really pour into learning about our Father together. It may be cliche but it is true, the people you surround yourself with is who you will become most like. So choose your close friends wisely! 


To continue reading the next 5 ways to stay focused on God when the world tries to direct you elsewhere – check out Hanha’s blog post here.

How do you stay consistent at pursuing God? Write a comment below telling me which tips were most helpful for you and feel free to share any of your tips in the comments for me and others to read from as well!

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xoxo, Jasmine Grace