30 Activities To Make This Summer Memorable

Ready, Set, Plan your ULTIMATE SUMMER NOW…..

  1. Plan a BEACH DAY!
  2. Go BIKING!
  3. ROAD TRIP with friends! Adventure somewhere new.
  4. Try PADDLE-BOATING! Search around your area for a place that offers it – always a good laugh and workout too.
  5. TIE-DYE!
  7. Try a NEW RECIPE! – who knows you might end up discovering your new fave dish! If you do, share your photos with me @JasiStyleee I’d love to see it and try it too!
  8. Wanna laugh? Do PRANK CALLS to your friends! – this never gets old
  9. SET GOALS for yourself! If there’s something you’ve been wanting to accomplish, do it this Summer! Set a goal each week that will help you take one step closer to your goal by the end of this summer. Comment below your goals to share them with me!
  10. DIY CRAFTS! Search them on Pinterest – there’s tons!
  11. SWING on a swing set! – you’re never too old, no matter what you think
  12. Do a PHOTOSHOOT! You don’t need to hire anyone. Just use your camera and get together with your friends outside and have fun taking some artsy pictures! You’ll make memories that’ll last a lifetime!
  13. Make COOKIE DOUGH (yes, everyone knows the dough is the best part) there are great easy recipes on www.foodnetwork.com
  14. Go to a DRIVE-IN MOVIE! Believe it or not, you can still find places that do this weekly! This one is definitely on my summer bucket list!
  15. VOLUNTEER at a non-profit organization, such as Feed My Starving Children! Use your summer to make a lasting impact for someone in need
  16. Go to a FARMER’S MARKET and get some new, fresh foods that were grown locally around you!
  17. Join a DANCE CLASS!
  18. Have a SLEEPOVER, it’s a classic!
  19. Check out the new movies at the THEATER! Watch it if you’re interested!
  20. BABYSITTING! Fun way to make some money and spend time with kids! 🙂
  22. REFRESH YOUR CLOSET – sell the clothes you don’t wear anymore and revamp it!
  23. CLOUD WATCHING – Yes, lay down and stare at the sky because the sky’s the limit!
  24. Start your own BLOG! Want to remember your Summer or share ideas with others? Then this is perfect for you!
  25. Go SHOPPING!
  26. Check out a MUSEUM! You might surprise yourself and enjoy it!
  27. DANCE IN A GROCERY STORE! I got inspired to do this from the songs Why Not by Hilary Duff & Shake by Victoria Justice. To make this even better, make a fun video with your friends. Then, post it to your social media. Make sure to definitely tag me @JasiStyleee so it can see it!
  28. LEARN A NEW SKILL! I just learned how to juggle, crazy right?! If that doesn’t suit you fancy, try making friendship bracelets, cartwheel/backflip, or learning how to play an instrument!
  29. DISCOVER NEW MUSIC ARTISTS AND SONGS! I use Spotify on a daily basis and always enjoy finding a new song to jam out to! Share your new music faves with me @JasiStyleee
  30. Go to the FAIR! Visit your state fair, local carnival, amusement park  festivals, or zoo!

Pick a handful of these activities and create a bucket list of your faves to do this summer! Then, plan a day to do them with your friends. Instead of telling yourself you’ll do it someday, do it this summer!

Share this list with your friends and plan to create a summer like no other! For more inspiration, read my other post on how to make the most our of your 2016 here!


xoxo, Jasmine Grace



  1. Rachel Morris
    June 5, 2016 / 11:44 PM

    Love this! ? We should do some of these things this summer?!

    • JasmineGrace
      June 6, 2016 / 12:17 AM

      Yes, we definitely will!