5 Mistakes To Avoid Your Freshman Year of College

Quick tips that will help you start your freshman year off right

The 5 Mistakes

#1: Wearing Your Campus Lanyard

That accessory you thought was so cool to wear in high school, well that was just in high school. Might seem weird since I bet you’re thinking, “I’m finally in college now”, right? Sorry to disappoint, but that lanyard just screams, “hey look, I’m a freshman!”. Unless you want to associate yourself with the obvious freshman allure, ditch the lanyard for a necklace.

#2: Throwing Away Your Classes’ Syllabus’

You likely threw this paper away after the first day of class in high school, but in college this is your life-line. This paper packet holds the information to every assignment, quiz, project, and test you will take for the entire semester. After I received this paper for each class, I wrote down every due date into my planner. I highly recommend doing this, so you don’t miss out on any important due date for your classes.

#3: Buying All of Your Textbooks Off-the-Bat

Don’t do it. Don’t be that student who spends $300+ on textbooks. Why? You might not actually need half of them! I suggest before you purchase a textbook to first find out if you actually need it or not. If you know someone who has taken the class before, ask them which books are required for that class. If not, wait until after the first day of class to see if your professor will use it. For the textbooks that you do need, shop around a bit first to compare prices. You can take a look at Amazon or see if your college has a Facebook page where student sell their used textbooks! Also, don’t feel like you need to buy the best looking, new book on the market. Used textbooks are just as good. My dad told me, “as long as you can read it, that’s all you need the book for”. Well-said.

#4: Procrastinating on Everything

It may seem easier to slide those books aside for a while, but don’t wait long, the pile will grow fast. Avoid the chaos and a lot of unnecessary stress by planning ahead. Do yourself a favor and get prepared a week, or-so in advance for your upcoming classes. This way you can be working ahead of the game instead of behind it!

#5: Not Having a Resume

It’s never too early to start creating your resume and become a master at it. The goal after college is to get an awesome job that you love. Resumes are an essential to landing that interview and the job. Keep track of all of your job experience and skills to keep your resume updated. You’ll never know when an opportunity could present itself, and guess what, now you’ll  be prepared! As I am a business major, I was honestly surprised at how many opportunities presented themselves within my first semester my freshman year in college. It definitely came in handy!

I hope my tips help you out as you begin your first year in college. Let me know which tip was your favorite and most helpful in the comments below! Thank you for reading. Be sure to check out the rest of my college life posts and The Dorm Room series for more campus tips and inspiration.

xoxo, Jasmine Grace