Where do you find confidence? Are you confident? How do you know if you have it or not? I asked my readers one question, “What makes YOU feel confident?” on @findingyouseries on Instagram and I received quite a bit of feedback from many of you. I know this can be a hard question for lots of us to answer, as Patricia agrees on, “It’s a bit hard question for me… View Post

I love how God answers even our little prayers. The things that seem so important to us, although in the overall scheme of things it may seem so small. We matter to God and when something is important to us, it’s important to Him as well. My little prayer… Recently, one night before going to bed, I saw a spider on the ceiling of my room. (If you know me,… View Post

When you thought you knew God’s plan but He takes you on another path, what do you do? When He changes what you thought was your destination, what do you do? When what you thought you were going after, He takes it away, what do you do? More importantly, who do you run to? Trust Him. Know that His plan is better than your own. No matter how many “signs”… View Post

Uncertainty is something we don’t deal with well. Our generation has grown up with speed and when you want something, you want it now, not later. Waiting can be scary because we strongly desire to know the outcome before we can even dive into the situation. Waiting can bring anxiousness. Patience has been something I’ve been working on more recently. I could only do it through God. Waiting is something… View Post