You can call me old fashioned, but I call it respectful and classy. I don’t use the term “O.M.G.” out of respect and honor to my Father, Jesus Christ. I believe if you truly respect someone you will not use their name in a careless way. Throwing it about as slang that could be used in all sorts of situations. I believe God is sacred. Therefore, His Name is not… View Post

I thought it would be a good idea to share my fave christian songs that I have been loving over my entire sophomore year of college with you all. It is always nice to have a fresh touch of music to add to your current playlist, am I right? Anyways, as I mention in my second vlog (Yes, I have a YouTube channel!), “being able to find some good faith-based… View Post

When I listen to music it can be like going on a mental vacation. I think it’s incredible how music can change your mood instantly. Whenever I am feeling down, turning on my favorite playlist can do the trick to get me feeling good again and even motivated.  Well, let’s not wait any longer and fly away together! Here are my FAV songs as of lately for the summer. Click… View Post

I love how God answers even our little prayers. The things that seem so important to us, although in the overall scheme of things it may seem so small. We matter to God and when something is important to us, it’s important to Him as well. My little prayer… Recently, one night before going to bed, I saw a spider on the ceiling of my room. (If you know me,… View Post