When you thought you knew God’s plan but He takes you on another path, what do you do? When He changes what you thought was your destination, what do you do? When what you thought you were going after, He takes it away, what do you do? More importantly, who do you run to? Trust Him. Know that His plan is better than your own. No matter how many “signs”… View Post

Uncertainty is something we don’t deal with well. Our generation has grown up with speed and when you want something, you want it now, not later. Waiting can be scary because we strongly desire to know the outcome before we can even dive into the situation. Waiting can bring anxiousness. Patience has been something I’ve been working on more recently. I could only do it through God. Waiting is something… View Post

You were not made to be like them, you were made to be YOU. I casually scroll through Instagram a lot. That’s where it starts. When all of the sudden I stop scrolling and start to look at one photo. You know that one with the perfect lighting, flawless face, and an overall beautiful image of someone else. Then you go to their profile just to find dozens of similar… View Post

Everyone desires to be loved, accepted, wanted, trusted, valued, and the list goes on. We all want to be something important; someone that matters. Make a difference. Be sought after. We each want to be accepted by others. Approved by our role models. Yet, taken seriously; or we feel as if our life is a joke. While in this search, some are empowered and continue to seek opportunities for growth.… View Post

the meaning of love, on a whole new level What matters most to you…finding true love or following your life’s dream? Do you have your answer? Well, what if I told you, you would never get the other one. Would you change your answer? The future is unknown, the present is being written, and the past has filled us with memories and brought us to where we are today. The… View Post