I thought it would be a good idea to share my fave christian songs that I have been loving over my entire sophomore year of college with you all. It is always nice to have a fresh touch of music to add to your current playlist, am I right? Anyways, as I mention in my second vlog (Yes, I have a YouTube channel!), “being able to find some good faith-based… View Post

{Link to video is below} This has been a long awaited day for myself. I’ve imagined starting an official YouTube channel for years since I watched my first ever beauty guru who was Bethany Mota showing me how to style my hair 7 different ways. Haha, but seriously let’s just say I’m excited! Since then I’ve grown up watching several more YouTubers, including some sensational vloggers! Vlogging feels therapeutic for… View Post

When I listen to music it can be like going on a mental vacation. I think it’s incredible how music can change your mood instantly. Whenever I am feeling down, turning on my favorite playlist can do the trick to get me feeling good again and even motivated.  Well, let’s not wait any longer and fly away together! Here are my FAV songs as of lately for the summer. Click… View Post

I’ve learned it’s best not to wash your hair everyday, because it strips your hair of it’s natural oils. Which then causes your hair to produce even more oils than needed. This is why many of us feel the strong urge to wash our hair everyday to keep it “clean”, however, it is not necessary. It is best to be able to wash your hair every few days. Even if… View Post

My entire life I have receive many compliments and questions on my hair, especially within this last year they increased like crazy. Therefore, I finally decided to write all about it and the process & products I use. I will say, I’ve been blessed with a good head of hair (it’s in my genes) but even so, there are a lot of things you can do to treat it and… View Post