Where do you find confidence? Are you confident? How do you know if you have it or not? I asked my readers one question, “What makes YOU feel confident?” on @findingyouseries on Instagram and I received quite a bit of feedback from many of you. I know this can be a hard question for lots of us to answer, as Patricia agrees on, “It’s a bit hard question for me… View Post

“I need some good news baby, feels like the world’s gone crazy”  “Don’t be afraid, don’t let hope fade, keep your eyes fixed on the light above” Inspiration Behind theDaydream:  We all have those bad days that make us want to cry, and sometimes we do. As Jordan Feliz says in his song, “you are beloved”. Oh man, the lyrics to this song explain so much of how we can… View Post

You can call me old fashioned, but I call it respectful and classy. I don’t use the term “O.M.G.” out of respect and honor to my Father, Jesus Christ. I believe if you truly respect someone you will not use their name in a careless way. Throwing it about as slang that could be used in all sorts of situations. I believe God is sacred. Therefore, His Name is not… View Post

I thought it would be a good idea to share my fave christian songs that I have been loving over my entire sophomore year of college with you all. It is always nice to have a fresh touch of music to add to your current playlist, am I right? Anyways, as I mention in my second vlog (Yes, I have a YouTube channel!), “being able to find some good faith-based… View Post