Celebrating Two Years of JasmineGrace.net!

Year Three, Let’s Go!

Let’s Celebrate Together!

This past year I have done a few things would like to highlight on my blog. Check out my blogaversary post from last year & the previous highlights here.

Celebrating Redesign

First things first, you likely already noticed my website has a new design! I have an obsession with white marble and cursive fonts so you will be seeing more of that moving forward.

I will strive to focus my blog on helpful tips to help you, find you. I know many of you loved my Finding You Series – good news! I will be incorporating it into my entire blog. From now on, new posts are considered as part of the series incorporated with life updates! I plan to be filming upcoming finding you content on my YouTube channel as well.

Celebrating my YouTube Channel

This past summer I started my own YouTube Channel to expand my content! I am sure many of you have seen some of my videos, from vlogs – monthly favorites – and more recently content on helping you, find you!

Here is my latest video on 5 Ways to Find You in 2018!

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Celebrating God

Our God has been doing some pretty cool things through my blog and channel. My message has even reached out to viewers in Romania, Europe! Share with me where you are from in the comments. I find it fascinating to see where God is bringing this message of hope and growth! God has surrounded me with several people who have impacted my blog’s mission for the better and I could not be more grateful to each one of them. God is so good always, even when we can not see it. Where God is having my blog head I do not know now, but I can move forward with full confidence that He has a greater plan in store!

Celebrating You

Thank you, readers/friends, for your loyalty to my blog and leaving sweet & encouraging comments! It makes my day reading them and helps me know which content in helpful for you. I also enjoying connecting with many of you on the daily through Instagram and Twitter – follow me @JasiStyleee to join in! I appreciate all of your feedback so continue to support me by sharing your thoughts and how you have been inspired!

What has been your favorite post so far? What would you like to see more of? Comment below!

xoxo, Jasmine Grace