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One of the many things that I enjoy doing is organizing! Before I started my freshman year of college, I spent hours putting together my dorm room supplies, unpacking, and reorganizing everything. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Now I am here to share with you what I did for my desk organization. I hope it help you gain some ideas for your desk space.

Drawer Organization

I found the best desk drawer organizer for holding all of my desk supplies from The Container Store. You can find similar products here.


Desk Supplies

My Essential Desk Supplies List:

  • Colorful Post-it Notes
  • White Out – Correction Tape
  • Highlighters
  • PaperMate Marker Pens
  • PaperMate #2 Mechanical Pencils
  • Pilot & Bic Black Pens
  • Scotch Tape
  • Mini Stapler
  • Note Cards


Desktop Organization



Where to Purchase: White Desk Lamp-Target, Magazine File-Office Max, Acrylic Makeup Organizer-The Container Store, Pencil Cup-The Container Store

I found I like my desk lamp facing the wall best, because it reflects the light off the wall softly, rather than a harsh light straight onto my desk. Try it out for yourself and see what you prefer!



These mini white & mint green storage bins fit perfectly for storing my things. You can purchase them from Target here. I also bought these bins in the larger size for under-bed storage. The mini 3-drawer organizer can be found at Target as well, find it here.

Thank you for reading this post as part of my dorm room series! I hope you found this helpful whether you are an incoming freshman or a returning student. Let me know if this was helpful by leaving me a comment with any questions or tweet me @JasiStyleee!
xoxo, Jasmine Grace