Growth is Essential || Birthday Edition

I made it! I am nineteen now. Wow.

This post is much overdue, about two months since my actual birthday. However, all still remains true.

I remember being in elementary school just like it was yesterday. I would often admire those teens who were quite older than myself and I remember thinking, “I can’t believe I am going to be that old someday. They’re so cool and have their life all put together”(or so I thought). Now that I’m where those “old teens” used to be, I’ve realized there is so much more still to learn and life may not be all figured out or put together yet. This is completely alright, because God’s got this! Every year when my birthday comes around I look back and can tell how much I’ve grown throughout the past year and it amazes me. Within the span of a year, I grow, mature, and develop myself more than I thought I could. Growth is an essential part of life and without it life remains the same. After completing my first year of college, I can say that when you step outside of your comfort zone completely, the way you grow can dramatically change you for the better. Greatness can come out of fear and taking risks. Even when the fear ends up turning into something you would have never wanted to come true, it can teach you a lesson in the best way possible that you wouldn’t have learned any other way. Hard lessons are not always fun but they will teach you the most beneficial lessons of all. Which means long lasting impact for the better!

My Birthday Celebration: The week of my birthday I started it off by trying something new, unexpectedly. I can’t believe I ate some Tako Kara-age, which in English that means deep-fried octopus. I had the opportunity to try it in celebration of one of my friend’s birthdays. You know, I can honestly say when I woke up that morning eating octopus was not on my agenda for the day. It actually tasted alright, but the after taste not so much. It was the realization after I ate it that was disturbing. Plus, I had sushi for the first time ever and all in one seating. Yes, I’m serious. Definitely octopus was the craziest thing I’ve ever eaten before. Another thing, I am stoked I was able to go to Selena Gomez’s Revival Tour! I’ve been waiting for a long time to see her preform on tour and I’m so glad I did. 

On my actual birthday, I spent the morning with my lovely parents and two of my close friends. We baked and decorated a yellow cake with vanilla frosting and sprinkles, my favorite, as we sang the lyrics to Nobody’s Perfect by Hannah Montana. Later that evening, I headed to downtown Minneapolis with three of my closest college friends that I made this past year to try out a new rooftop restaurant and ice cream spot. It was definitely a day to remember with such amazing women, I am so thankful to call my friends!



Birthdays are a fantastic way to reveal your growth and personal development from year to year. They are your own personal “new years”.
xoxo, Jasmine Grace