Lasting Impressions || Finding You Series

I want to live. Yes, I just said that and I mean it too.

Let’s back it up a bit. When I say “I want to live”, I mean, I want to do things everyday that will make a lasting impression. I want to do things that matter, mean something, mean something for more than just that day. Do things that will benefit tomorrow and create change.

I do not want to sit at home and feel as though I have wasted my time.

I do not want to go out and come back asking myself, “what was the point?”

I want to make lasting impressions.

I want to give lasting impressions too.

Throughout my journey of what we each call life, I hope to help others along the way.

I want to teach someone to also live a life well done.

I want to create something new and change something for the better.

Some people say that “Christians are boring”, well let’s prove them wrong and make the world better.

Share with me in the comments your lasting impression, and something you choose to change for the better. Tweet me @JasiStyleee & tag your instagram photos with the hashtag #lastingimpressionsfys.

Who knows, you may even be featured on @findingyouseries instagram account!

Thanks for reading my heart!

xo, Jasmine Grace



  1. Carol
    September 12, 2017 / 8:18 PM

    Love this post!