My YouTube Channel / Life Update!

Hey friends!  A lot has been going on recently at college over these last few months so I have not been able to post as much as I would have liked to on my blog. However, I have been vlogging a lot more instead and sharing my videos with you on my new YouTube channel! If you have not seen my channel already, I launched it this past summer! I was vlogging a variety of fun times with my close friends as we went shopping and celebrated my 20th birthday!

Now back in college I have been filming a little bit of my journey from moving in to my new dorm room and spending the night out with friends! In my latest video, I filmed my first-ever haul!! I shared some special clothing pieces with you that I purchased from Forever21 and DryGoods!

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Watch my COLLEGE MOVE-IN experience during my junior year:


Join me and my friends for a GIRL’S NIGHT OUT getting cheesecake:



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xoxo, Jasmine Grace