What to focus on in order to start your new year in the right direction

One year ago I had this idea to start a memory jar and fill it with post-it notes of everything that made me happy, from new experiences to accomplishments all throughout the year. So many life changing events occurred this year, from saying peace out to high school, aloha to college, and so much more! I just finished reading through each one of these unforgettable memories that filled up my 2015 with such positivity, and I remember each one just like it was yesterday. 

Now I’m starting my new 2016 jar and I know that God has even greater plans in store which I have yet to discover.

Instead of adding new year’s resolutions into our life why don’t we set our new goals to change or improve upon what we had last year. It’s better to make changes rather than additions.

In order for us to move forward into the new year we need to first reflect on the past year and acknowledge what happened, the good and the bad. Stick to what was good and pursue it further. Whether it was a new opportunity or new positive friendships, don’t let them go. Continue to develop those once in a lifetime opportunities and life changing friendships. Don’t let the good things slide away and stay in your past, keep them and find ways to implement what made you happy in your everyday life. As much as we all just want to remember the good, we also need to reflect on the lower times. These times taught us valuable lessons that we should not forget in the new year. The unfortunate moments and mistakes we made last year remind each of us that there is always room for improvement. If someone were to ask me “what is one thing you regret and wish you could change?”, my answer would be “nothing”, because making mistakes is a key part of life. Without them we have nothing to learn from. Mistakes teach us how to become better and hopefully not to make the same bad decisions again.

As you look forward into the new year, remember to not forget what you learned and gained last year. So this year find ways to change or improve from your lows and pursue your highs in order to embrace the most out of life to come!

Psalm 90:12 says, “Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom”.

My takeaway from this verse is to take each and everyday into thought. Don’t wish away your days hoping for better ones to come along. Instead, embrace everyday, learn from your mistakes, and pursue things that go right. 

After you reflect, move forward. Forgive yourself for any mistakes made and realize the past is in the past. Get excited about your future and live everyday in the present.



Jasmine Grace




  1. January 4, 2016 / 11:07 AM

    I appreciate your post! I love this idea.
    Thank you!