Okay, so, here it goes…..

Admitting things to yourself can be one of the trickiest and hardest things I ever had to do. The saying goes, “the first step towards recovery is admitting you have a problem”. Well, I have come to realize throughout the past few years how true this is! Problem or not, the ability to realize when something is on your mind a lot, how you feel about it, and how it can influence you is so crucial to recognize.

Sometimes you don’t even let yourself mentally admit when something is true. It’s like sometimes my brain likes to think, “until I actually say it out loud it’s not true”. So I don’t tell anyone, let alone tell myself. Even though I can still think and feel certain things none of those thoughts or feelings has to be real. It’s not after all, or so I would let myself think.

The fact is that it’s important to BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF and all of the time. As hard is it may seem now, it will be even harder later if you don’t confess it to yourself. When you let yourself come to an honest conclusion it will benefit you in the long run because then you will truly know what is right versus wrong. Hopefully by becoming aware it will help you avoid any future mistakes.

You have to decide honestly for yourself if you are “in love with them or if you are in love with the feeling” as Justin Bieber likes to put it. (Yes, I just quoted Biebs.)

I have recently come to realize that it is so much harder admitting things to yourself than it is to anyone else. Therefore it is important to surround yourself with genuine friendships that can truly support you no matter what and will let you be real with yourself. Sometimes those honest friends are the ones who could see those things all along even when you were not ready and able to see it for yourself.

Sometimes a  part of you doesn’t want to admit to something being true, whatever it may be, but that’s not healthy for yourself mentally to be dismissing your inner thoughts & feelings like that.

You could be hurt later down the road and you would not even know why. This would leave you even more puzzled and feeling lost. If you’re not honest with yourself from the start, when will you ever be?

There is so much more to our minds than I even thought possible. Our minds are so much more complex. Thoughts, feelings, consciousness, stubbornness, worries, cravings, doubts, fears, passions, and insecurities are all wrapped up inside your brain.

With so much processing in one small place, to be honest, I’m surprised we haven’t all exploded yet.

God, the Creator of everything. There is so much yet to discover. Even when you can’t be honest with yourself God is always there for you to lean on. He knows your thoughts before you think them and your words before you speak them (Psalm 139:4). After being told this verse throughout my entire life I still find it fascinating. How amazing is our God!

He didn’t make us to be confused, he wants us to talk with Him and look to Him for answers.

I hope this brought a new perspective into your life. I know it did for me! 

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Jasmine Grace


Psalm 139: 1-4

You have searched me, Lord,
    and you know me.
You know when I sit and when I rise;
    you perceive my thoughts from afar.
You discern my going out and my lying down;
    you are familiar with all my ways.
Before a word is on my tongue
    you, Lord, know it completely