The Fear of Waiting || FINDING YOU SERIES

Uncertainty is something we don’t deal with well. Our generation has grown up with speed and when you want something, you want it now, not later. Waiting can be scary because we strongly desire to know the outcome before we can even dive into the situation.

Waiting can bring anxiousness.

Patience has been something I’ve been working on more recently. I could only do it through God.

Waiting is something you cannot control. The wait for someone to text you back or for your name to be called to get your order of food can make one anxious.

We are bad at waiting.

Let’s be honest, all we can do sometimes is to stay hopeful.

With God He promises to be with us every step of the way. While we may be uncertain of what tomorrow holds, He comforts and protects us. Therefore we know that no matter what comes our way our God, creator of all, is watching out for us. We are not meant to get through the challenges of life alone. God is on our side so we cannot fail. How comforting is that!

Don’t be afraid to wait for God’s promises for your life. The wait will be worth it.

My hope is this brought you some encouragement today. If so, share it in the comments!

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xoxo, Jasmine Grace