The Little Things I’m Thankful for…

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that actually mean the most…

  1. Deep quality talks with close friends – MY FAV
  2. My wonderful parents
  3. My several best friends
  4. College campus life, read more here
  5. Laughing my heart out
  6. Jesus’ love & His PRIME timing!
  7. A cozy sweater
  8. Season of Fall
  9. Apple Pie.
  10. Putting my earbuds in and getting lost in another world
  11. Dreaming of Paris
  12. The Holy Bible
  13. Music?
  14. Attending concerts
  15. Dancing my heart out
  16. My dog, Shawn Duker (@theshawnydog on Insta)
  17. Creativity
  18. My Camelbak water bottle, taking it with me everywhere like it is my child
  19. Lip balms and lipsticks?
  20. Blogging what’s on my mind and making it into art
  21. YouTube binge watching
  22. Shopping ‘till I drop
  23. Celebrating birthdays, read about my 19th birthday celebration here
  24. Christmas?☃?
  25. Nantucket Orange Mango juice
  27. Blessed by my internship opportunities
  28. 65° days, oh yes
  29. Receiving great feedback on posts, makes my day!
  30. Cute and yummy cupcakes
  31. Relaxing by the lake
  32. Vacations and staying at hotels with my mom
  33. Seeing or using my favorite number #3
  34. Pictures – taking new and looking back at the old
  35. Memories ❤
  36. High ponytails
  37. Using the best lotion
  38. ImPress nails and having my nails done
  39. Candles, especially the ones that smell like Christmas
  40. Gift cards (makes me feel like everything is free)
  41. Starbucks Frappuccino & cake pops
  42. Swinging on a swing set
  43. Making a solid basketball shot ?
  44. Spending time at the park
  45. Hilarious Facebook videos
  46. Biking on a smooth road
  47. Swimming all day
  48. NETFLIX. Friends is my current go-to show
  49. Blasting music in the car
  50. Packages that come in the mail
  51. Prank calling, the laughter it brings is priceless 
  52. Adventuring downtown with friends
  53. Simple & classy bracelets
  54. Putting on something different that makes me feel like a boss, usually high heels or an oversized jacket
  55. Warm, cozy, & super soft blankets
  56. FUZZY SOCKS… and many of them
  57. Applying & trying out new makeup looks
  58. God’s b-e-a-utiful sky
  59. Road trips with fun people
  60. The feeling when you or your team wins – victories! 
  61. Eating out with my family
  62. A good book & reading it in a hidden spot
  63. My crush…aka Zac Efron
  64. Birthday cake flavored anything and everything (if you know me, you already knew this)
  65. My chickflix movie collection ?
  66. My mom’s homemade meals
  67. Unexpected gifts or notes
  68. My dad’s sense of humor
  69. Staying up all night & until the sun rises
  70. God gave me a voice, a purpose, and a way to follow Him in freedom

HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! In no way was this list even close to all of the things I am thankful for(or in order) but it certainly is quite a few of them. I am sure you could relate to one of the several things I listed. Also, you probably learned something new about me. Maybe my list even gave you some giggles. Anyways, I truly hope you are enjoying your holiday with family and plenty of good food. I know I will be eating my favorite stuffing and apple pie with a smile.

xoxo, Jasmine Grace



    • December 30, 2016 / 11:54 AM

      Thanks for reading! So true, I greatly appreciate it!