Everyone desires to be loved, accepted, wanted, trusted, valued, and the list goes on.

We all want to be something important; someone that matters. Make a difference. Be sought after.

We each want to be accepted by others. Approved by our role models. Yet, taken seriously; or we feel as if our life is a joke.

While in this search, some are empowered and continue to seek opportunities for growth. Those who do receive their desired outcome feel fulfilled and begin to pursue the next mission in their life. However, in this search some view the world differently and are discouraged. They turn to a substance or pleasure to attempt to fill the gap in their life. Until they’ll eventually realize that it is only temporary, which may leave them in a bigger pit than they originally started with.

Your words matter.

Your actions speak louder.

Your expressions are heard.

Your values are important.

Just because you don’t have an official title doesn’t make your voice less important. Remember, You are a Child of The One True King. This is who God sees you as.

You are His.

He loves you.

He made you.

He wants you.

He hears you.

You matter to Him.

You are heard today, so speak with encouragement, wisdom, and strength. Watch your actions and how you react to life’s unexpected circumstances. God’s got you through it all. No need to worry. Trust your Father.


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xoxo, Jasmine Grace



    • May 22, 2017 / 11:32 PM

      Amen girl! Yes, I am so so glad you loved it! Thanks for reading <3