Why I Don’t Wash My Hair Everyday & How You Can Too

I’ve learned it’s best not to wash your hair everyday, because it strips your hair of it’s natural oils. Which then causes your hair to produce even more oils than needed. This is why many of us feel the strong urge to wash our hair everyday to keep it “clean”, however, it is not necessary. It is best to be able to wash your hair every few days. Even if you think you’re stuck-in-the-rut of continuously needing to wash your hair every day, that can change. Here is the GOOD NEWS: Anyone can train their hair to produce less oils. You will not feel the need to wash your hair as often, nor will you need to. All it takes is some patience and faith in your hair. Also, maybe some dry shampoo, a hat, or some new hairstyles to help disguise while you’re in the transition process.


  1. Start by keeping track of when you wash your hair & create a schedule for yourself of when to wash your hair. This will help you keep your hair on a even routine. If you have been washing your hair everyday, I recommend switching to washing it every other day. For example, if you wash your hair Sunday night before bed, wear and style as desired on Monday, then use dry shampoo Tuesday morning, and shower Tuesday night. If you prefer to shower in the mornings then your routine would look more like this: Shower Sunday morning and style as desired all day, use dry shampoo Monday morning, and then shower Tuesday morning.
  2. Purchase a Good Dry Shampoo – When I say good, I mean good. The wrong dry shampoo can totally make your hair not so nice, I’ve already been there and done that. Therefore, making sure you buy the right product can change everything. I use and recommend Batiste Dry Shampoo products. I use their medium & brunette tinted dry shampoo. I love it and have repurchased it several times. *link Ulta*
  3. Stay Patient -You may want to give up but don’t, trust me. Just like any habit you want to create, it just takes time. This step may seem easy, but it may be the hardest step of all. 
  4. Try New Hairstyles – While you’re waiting, make the second day process easier by styling your hair with new hairstyles. Whenever I prolong my hair washing an extra day, I like to go for my classic high ponytail or high bun. You can also try wearing baseball hats to mix it up.

I wrote another blog post on what hair products I use and how I keep my hair long, shiny, and smooth – My Secret to Long and Healthy Hair. 

If you’re deciding not to wash your hair everyday now or have been in this process, leave me a comment letting me know. Feel free to ask any questions and I’d love to answer them for you. Also, you can share extra tips you may feel would be helpful for others. Thanks for reading!

xoxo, Jasmine Grace

Photography: Desireé Benton of the DASH Collective


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